Bioneers Conference

This is our 15th year providing a bookstore for this ongoing conference. It is one of the largest book selling events in the Bay Area and we exclusively handle their book sales as well as coordinate over 70 author signings over the course of the three day event. We build one of the largest collections of books on sustainability and natural resources through a carefully curated collection from over 200 publishers.

National Heirloom Expo

Now in its fifth year, we have been their festival bookstore since its beginning and continue to build one of the largest collections of gardening and food related book selections in the area. This not-for-profit event is centered around the pure food movement, heirloom vegetables and anti-GMO activism. This event draws more than 20,000 people from around the country as well as outside the US. With more than 100 speakers and 200 natural food vendors, this event has gained national interest in food and seed preservation.

East Bay Women's Conference

Not all our events are environmentally based. We have provided books for this event for over 10 years building a selection of business and women's issues titles.  With many well known authors attending this conference, we handle the 300+ women's book signings easily.


The largest Farming conference on the west coast celebrates Organinc Farming in the largest Ag state in the US. We build a specialty bookstore bringing the newest resources for farmers to help them continue their efforts to maintain healthy farming.

Contra Costa Library Programs

We often are asked to give talks about upcoming books and help give Book Clubs suggestions for new titles to include in their  clubs.  We proudly partner with the CCC Library's program, Project Second Chance, which helps teach reading to adults. 


Book Signings,

Not to name names but... We have handled book signings with authors including Michael Pollen, Alice Waters, Amy Goodman, Robert Kennedy, Jr., Richard North Patterson, Jane Goodall, Arianna Huffington, Bill McKibben, Paul Hawken, Van Jones, Gloria Steinem, Eve Ensler, and about 2000 other great authors.